Cerazorb Under Wood

CERAZORB® is a lightweight underlayment system that has been specially designed for floated or glue down wood flooring. CeraZorb offers high energy impact with low weight and will
remain unchanged after repeated impact loads.cerazorb-wood CeraZorb is a expanded polypropolene underlayment that will not rot, swell, absorb water and is anti microbial. CeraZorb has been tested and has the performance equal to 1/2″ recycled rubber. CeraZorb can be bonded to approved sub floors using Impacta T-950 bond coat adhesive.


Cerazorb Benefits

>Up to 25 times lighter than 1/4″ backer board
>”Synthetic cork product” will not rot, support
mold & mildew or absorb moisture
>  Available Thickness 3mm,5mm,10mm
>  Lightweight and easy to carry
>  Credible acoustical performance
>  Delta IIC 23 on a 6” slab

CeraZorb 3mm Wood Data Sheet
CeraZorb 5mm Wood Data Sheet
CeraZorb 10mm Wood Data Sheet 1
CeraZorb Wood Installation instructions.

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